With only 18 days out until festival gates open, all eyes are on One Love Music Festival headliner Tyler, The Creator. As a young, unique trendsetter, Tyler is no stranger to the spotlight.

Matthew Trammell of Fader interviews the rising rapper on his journey to stardom and what it takes to be an individual in the music scene.

Trammell dives into detail with the following remarks, “Four years ago, Tyler went zero to 60 in record time. The early videos he made with his Odd Future collective included, among other stunts, images of Tyler hanging himself and compatriot Earl Sweatshirt ripping off his own fingernail. They were shocking for both their content and the sophistication of their hand-stitched production, and they quickly attracted the attention of an industry gasping for change.”

Photo By: Mark Peckmezzian

Photo By: Mark Peckmezzian

Read on to further pick Tyler’s brain, and make sure to snag your General Admission and VIP Passes to One Love now before they are all gone!


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