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Today, Insomniac revealed the most anticipated festival lineup of 2018, featuring more than 250 top dance music artists from across the globe set to perform at the 22nd edition of North America’s largest dance music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas. Headliners will be treated to unforgettable sets from a diverse roster of talent across eight iconic stages and multiple art cars spread throughout the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. From Friday, May 18 to Sunday, May 20, Headliners will dance from dusk till dawn in a celebration life, love, art and music while an eclectic selection of dance music artists will help shape the incredible energy at the three-day experience.


And just like that Headliners, another successful EDC Las Vegas has come and gone!

There was so much to see this weekend! From the great music and outrageous stages, to the unique attire and accessories worn by everyone in attendance, there was never a shortage of fun at EDC!!!


Ravers from all over the world gathered under the electric sky!

The Philippines





And if you were looking for something unique, Headliners could ditch the stages and go dance to the beats played at 4 of the 13 art cars featured at the Speedway… all of them decorated to match the EDC vibe!!!

Did you check out any of the gnarly rides at the carnival?!

That was insane – Let’s do it even BIGGER next year at EDC Las Vegas 2018!!!



Having trouble keeping up with all the fun that is about to go down this weekend at EDC Las Vegas? They’ve got you covered!

EDC Las Vegas has just released an official app that features anything and everything you will need for the weekend festivities! Before heading out to the Speedway, check out all of the cool features including set times, real time festival updates and messages, and LiveStory, which allows you to create and share a list of sets you’ve watched while exploring the carnival! As if that isn’t enough, you can also link your Facebook to the app to build your own schedule and share it with your friends!

Don’t let the carnival sneak up on you!! Start making your plan now! Take another look at the FULL 2017 LINEUP below:

Zedd – Friday 6/16

Tiesto – Saturday 6/17

Marshmello – Sunday 6/18

Still don’t have your tickets? Lucky for you there is a limited amount of tickets still available — but not for long — so join in on the adventure that is EDC today!

✨Download the app and come explore EDC Las Vegas with us this weekend✨




June 16th – 19th, come celebrate YOU under the electric sky at EDC Las Vegas 2017!

The Electric Daisy Carnival is ready to give everything it’s got this June and wants to make sure every single one of you are a part of it. From the elaborate and intricate stages to the bass that you can feel from a mile away to the glowing carnival itself, it has everything you could possibly want in a festival.

View the EDC Las Vegas 2017 Official Trailer below:

Come together and connect through the music, art and discovery at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival while you adventure through the kineticFIELD, cosmicMEADOW, circuitGROUNDS, neonGARDEN, bassPOD, wasteLAND + more.

EDC Las Vegas

EDC Las Vegas

See you under the electric sky this June!


edc steve howard

The folks behind Electric Daisy Carnival excel in curating the ultimate dance music festival experience. This year, our team had the opportunity of “sitting down” with Insomniac’s Lead Experience Architect Steve Howard to discuss his vision for the future of dance music, what to expect at the flagship event in Las Vegas this Summer and how EDC remains ahead of the game. After just hitting the Halfway mark, we’re even more excited to see everyone this Summer Under the Electric Sky. Have a read…

Front Gate Tickets: What led you to become involved with Insomniac? What were your first impressions of EDC? Since joining Insomniac, what are some of the biggest standout moments for you?
Steve Howard: After 30 plus years in touring, concerts, sports and theatre I was looking for a new challenge and a colleague thought I would be a good fit for Insomniac.
My first festival was Escape 2014 and I remember being very impressed at the scale of the experience with the multiple stages and the incredible number of both large and small elements and details that make Insomniac shows truly unique.
I accepted the offer after meeting with Pasquale Rotella and feeling his energy and drive to make positive change in the world through his All Are Welcome Here message and always putting the audience first before anything else.

edc 1

Front Gate Tickets: Tell us about the transition from producing U2 and Rolling Stones tours to becoming THE experience architect? Are they wholly different worlds / what were you able to carry over from the Rock world to the EDC platform?
Steve Howard: I was very fortunate to be able to make a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of the international touring business into the highly-sophisticated machine that it is today.
Much of that expertise is very applicable to Insomniac’s challenging business model and I’m having a blast introducing many of these strategies to Pasquale and his incredible team.
I’ve had good success at organizing the team into distinct areas of responsibility and I’ve been able to introduce many of the templated processes that are so important to successful touring. Our budgeting, cost control and settlement process is much better than it used to be and we are seeing significant growth in many of our sources of ancillary revenue that are so important to our overall financial health.

Front Gate Tickets: EDC, Las Vegas especially, is known for its beautifully detailed and elaborate productions. How are you able to keep things fresh, exciting and intricate year after year? What are some new sights and sounds to expect for EDC LV 2017?
Steve Howard:
Talk about a bunch of kids in a candy store!! We have so much fun spinning up new ideas for Vegas and the 2017 version will not disappoint. Not only will Kinetic Field get a brand-new design but we’ve added a really cool new Dreamstate stage and we are super excited to introduce what we think is the most awesome new art car that I think will be the talk of the festival.

edc 2

Front Gate Tickets: Dance music is such a wide-ranging genre – can you tell us about the booking process and how it aims to represent?
Steve Howard: I’ve been told there are more than 100 different genres of dance music – who knew! Not only do we have a very talented team of talent bookers but most of the entire 140 plus company staff are passionate dance music enthusiasts who are all out discovering new artists, new sounds and sharing their finds with the entire company. I think we have enough in-house DJ’s to run our own festival!
Talent meetings are focused on making sure we are always introducing our audience to the next up and coming artists while always delivering on what is popular and creating the most buzz while making sure we’ve got good coverage for everyone’s different musical tastes.

Front Gate Tickets: The EDC community is one of the largest and supportive out there. What is it about EDC that draws in such passionate fans??
Steve Howard: Simple answer – Pasquale Rotella’s connection to this audience is just unparalleled. Pasquale is always looking for ways to make their experience at Insomniac events better and he is a fierce champion of inclusivity making sure the environment at shows is always welcoming, friendly and non-judgmental.

edc 3

Front Gate Tickets: What are you most looking forward to at EDC LV this year? Any special performers, installations, etc?
Steve Howard: As always there are many new elements to look forward to for Vegas every year. One of the ones I’m most excited about for 2017 is an installation we’re putting into our central hang-out/meeting space in Carnival Square. That should be checked out for sure.

Front Gate Tickets: We’re excited to see more global expansion for EDC! Can you tell us what and where is next?
Steve Howard: Where to begin?? This is one of the most exciting things about working with Insomniac. We literally get new enquiries every week to bring EDC or another Insomniac festival to a different part of the world. Bubbling up to the top right now are China, Europe and my native home – Canada.

Front Gate Tickets: If you give 1 piece of advice to a first-time attendee, what would it be?
Steve Howard: Forget whether or not dance music is your thing, everyone likes a good party right? And what makes a great party? The guests always make the party and that is what is so special about Insomniac events. You will have such a blast – don’t be afraid to even come by yourself – you will have tons of new friends before you know it and many great memories of the experience.


If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, we have no idea what you’re waiting for!


EDC Las Vegas 2017 news has finally arrived & we couldn’t possibly be more pumped! Whether it’s your 5th or your 1st year attending, there are too many reasons why it’s a MUST, but we have tried cutting down to 5.

5. It really is quite the show.


Ask anyone who has attended any of the many Electric Daisy Carnival festivals and they will tell you, it’s a world of wondrous colors, lights and sounds.

4. It’s a magical, safe place to just be yourself. 


Being able to be the awesome individual that you are is what EDC prides itself on. YOU are the headliner. Everyone grooving to the same universal beat is definitely something to experience.

3. The beautiful gardens that seem to be from right out of a fairytale.


When entering the land of EDC, it’s almost impossible to choose a favorite land. “Follow a path that leads from a green garden into an expansive, majestic field. As you wander and explore this fantastical landscape, you’ll unlock the energy of the night and all of its wonders.”

2. The awesome (and included) rides!!!


It just wouldn’t be a carnival without the rides to top it all off! Enjoy the complimentary rides as you soar over the epic sight of EDC Las Vegas.

and last but not least…

1. The incredible artists who put their hearts & souls out on the table just for YOU.


These individuals perform their hearts out for thats right, YOU. With everyone celebrating and having the common goal of peace, love, unity and respect, how could you not want to join in this amazing chance of a lifetime? General Admission goes on sale 11/28, don’t be late! See you under the electric sky!



EDC Orlando have released their lineup for 2016 & we are PUMPED! Join us for it’s 6th year as we seek adventure into other worldly domains with kind spirits and the best vibes under the electric sky.


Electric Daisy Carnival is more than just a festival, it’s a spiritual experience. Ask anyone who attends, you will get lost in the sights and sounds that #EDCOrlando has to offer from it’s multiple stages to the amazing art to the performances that will leave your jaw dropped.

Tickets are still on sale now here, grab yours before they’re gone!



edc orlando banner
As the day’s vivid colors give way to the night’s neon dreamscapes, our imaginations come alive. During those wee hours, when all others are sound asleep, we seek adventure within EDC’s otherworldly domains. In this place, we reaffirm that we are kindred spirits bound by a deep passion for music, art and discovery. And there is so much to discover. Each area contained within EDC represents a distinct union of technology and nature. In some places, fire rules supreme, and in others, the elements of air and water provide the inspiration. Follow a path that leads from a green garden into an expansive, majestic field. Find peace in a meadow filled with other beautiful Headliners, all grooving to the same universal beat. As you wander and explore this fantastical landscape, you’ll unlock the energy of the night and all of its wonders.


2018 EDC Orlando Lineup Details: TBD


edc las vegas 2018 banner
EDC Las Vegas, America’s largest dance music festival, is back and better than ever. From dusk till dawn on May 18th, 19th and 20th experience 8 themed areas of sound, interactive art pieces, hundreds of theatrical performers, roaming art cars, dozens of free carnival rides and games, and the best dance music artists on the planet – and for the first time ever at EDC—CAMPING!
The 2018 edition of EDC Las Vegas will also feature other exciting changes like new stage designs, new shuttle options, and extended festival hours with a special opening ceremony each day.


2018 EDC Las Vegas Lineup Details: