Brought to you by Ten Thirty One Productions, the Great Horror Movie Night is an outdoor horror movie night series that is shown under the stars at Griffith Park’s old abandoned zoo.  Each night will include hilarious movie themed live pre-show entertainment, audience interaction games, and roaming monsters.


Full 2017 Great Horror Movie Night Schedule:

February 10 – Carrie (Original)

March 3 – John Carpenter’s The Thing

March 17 – Leprechaun

April 7 – Fright Night (Original)

April 21 – Texas Chainsaw (Original)

May 5 – Jaws

May 19 – Halloween (Original)



There are no words for what’s about to return to Southern California this October. Prepare for the freakiest, creepiest, spookiest, most rockin’ Halloween fest of the season- Escape: Psycho Circus! It’s time to come decked out in your fullest Halloween getup – face paint, fake contacts and more, to experience freaky performers, a hypnotic lighted production and a star studded lineup. Artists headlining the fest this year at NOS Events Center include Armin van Buuren, Eric Prydz, Hardwell , Jamie Jones and more. This is Escape’s fifth year and the themed stages filled with EDM, trance, techno beats and more are guaranteed to take you to otherworldly places.

Come out only if you’re looking for the biggest fright of your life this 2016 Halloweekend.

psycho circus main

psycho circus duo

psycho circus crowd

psycho circus skull

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So it’s finally that time of year. We can pretend to be something or someone we aren’t we aren’t. We can push the limits of what’s socially acceptable. We can eat as much candy as we want with little to no judgement. Oh, and we can (and will) attend some freaky, fun and fantastical festivals, of course! But don’t forget that there are some things that aren’t acceptable on fest grounds, no matter what holiday it is.

If this is your first festival, buckle up. If you’re a fest vet, this will serve as a friend reminder. The following items are items may be appropriate for your horror flick inspired costume, but you probably shouldn’t take them to a fest this Halloween…


Yes, I’m talking to all you Leatherfaces out there this Halloweekend. We know lines and crowds can be overwhelming, but a polite “Excuse me” will go much further than literally cutting your way to the front.



Leave the masks at home. Less crazy killer vibes. Plust, it’ll obstruct your view 😉



For the vampires out there, no blood please. Outside food and drink is usually prohibited.



It’s hard to sneak in a flask, let alone a whole cauldron. Plus, the billowing smoke clouds will give you away.



Real talk – please check your festival’s FAQs for a list of prohibited items and safety precautions before entering the festival!



This October, don’t miss out on one of the nations most terrifying haunted attractions a thrill seeker could experience. Starting on October 13th – 31st, Haunted Hayride will be making it’s 2nd year it’s best at Randall’s Island in New York City and want to invite anyone who dares to join in the festivities. 2016 will feature 3 Zones, The Haunted Hayride, House of Shadows and Purgatory. 

Haunted Hayride: A tractor-drawn hay wagon will slither its way through the enchanted Halloween world of ghostly apparitions, demonic possession, backwoods hillbilly country, slaying and flaying, a friendly neighborhood ice cream ripper, leviathan-sized monster lairs, a congregation of evil worship, and the nastiest clowns you’ve ever met.

House of Shadows: Grab a lantern and join the festivities. The legendary fan favorite and only true dark maze makes its debut at the New York Haunted Hayride for the first time.  You will be placed into a sea of darkness with nothing to help you out but instincts. The only living creatures that inhabit this home have never been exposed to light, so there is no telling what you will find, or what will find you.

Purgatory: You are welcomed into the magical world of a haunted antique village with fog laying over you as the gates open. Make sure to grab a popcorn and relax in the famous Theatre Macabre, debuting for the first time this year at New York Haunted Hayride!  Theatre Macabre will showcase iconic scenes from legendary horror films with one little twist….you are the star. There is a world waiting for you that will make you feel like you just stepped into the old time of medicine men and freakish circus performers…which we also have in plenty, and so much more in store.



Los Angeles Haunted Hayride returns to its darker and more disturbing roots with this year’s brand new and most innovative theme to date, Secret Society.

We are the Secret Society of Samhain, which means Halloween. The Secret Society of Halloween will bring guests down the dark road of the power and sacrifice that takes place in the shadows to bring the world their favorite night of the year. Upon entering the LA Haunted Hayride gates, you are a member.


To which part of the Secret Society do you belong? The Elite or The Deranged?

You will be judged and sent down the path of your status in this revolutionary twist that will send hayriders down one of two different paths, giving hayriders–which have now been declared “society members”–different experiences. Inside the gates of the society, members will bear witness to the clandestine lives of their faction and in a shocking turn, will be commandeered by the society and sent into an initiation, confronting the GHOSTS OF HAYRIDES PAST…ON FOOT, FACE TO FACE. That’s right, for the first time ever, guests will leave the safety of the hay wagon. Upon returning to their wagon, society members will continue down the secret road of power, corruption, influence, tyranny, and evil, allowing members to see that this day is not all about costumes and candy.