Somebody told me that Nevada native rock band, The Killers, will be headlining at Music Midtown this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. The Killers will be playing acclaimed hits that will keep you dancing all night and screaming until your voice is gone. So smile like you mean it because The Killers are not to miss. Their live show will keep you raving for months and longing for Brandon Flowers’ dynamic stage presence for weeks to follow. And on top of this, drummer Ronnie Vannucci, recently confirmed that The Killers are finally making their fifth album. I may have cheered out loud when I read the news, I mean I am only human after all. So make sure to follow the sounds of Brandon Flowers’ iconic voice and see their live show at Music Midtown.




Ho hey Midtown-goers! Denver based folk band, The Lumineers, are bringing their new album, Cleopatra, to Atlanta to play live for all the music lovers in The Peach State. Cleopatra contains rich stories from the band members’ personal lives, impactful individuals they have met, like the taxi driver who shared her story with the band and inspired the song “Cleopatra,” and the reality and obstacles that come with attention and fame. The Lumineers have shifted from folk to a little more of a rock sound, but don’t worry all you fans with a stubborn love for their first album, they have maintained their smooth, enchanting sound that we all know and love. Stick some flowers in your hair and make sure you see this trio at Music Midtown for a show guaranteed to take you to a lovely, almost otherworldly place that you don’t want to miss out on.




I was tongue tied when I found out Grouplove was hitting Music Midtown and now the time is finally here to see the upbeat and always energetic band perform their newest album released this month, Big Mess. The indie rock band just recently starting performing live shows again after almost a year and a half of not touring. And let’s not forget baby Grouplove, Willa, who is lead singers’ Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi baby they added to the Grouplove posse about a year ago. What I know is that Grouplove is guaranteed to put on one of the most lively and exciting shows you’ve ever seen. From Hooper’s eccentric outfits to the band’s overall good vibes, they are the way to go at Music Midtown.


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