The city of New Orleans is rich in culture and truly like no other. As a result, Voodoo Music Festival and Arts Experience aims to immerse festival-goers in the surrounding New Orleans and African culture, and draws heavily on the mystical side of Voodoo practices and traditions. We were intrigued so we decided to dig deeper…


Voodoo is commonly associated with evil spirits and pin-stuck dolls of your enemies, giving it a bad connotation. But the truth is, it is a religion that kept African slaves united in the formative years of slavery. Their united belief in “Voudon,” meaning the “Creator” or “Great Spirit,” originated in Africa before making its way over to New Orleans carrying with it the search of understanding spiritual aspects in life.

New Orleans, being rich with French, Spanish and Indian traditions, created a vibrant environment to establish voodoo. And in 1830, the queen of voodoo was crowned and that woman was Marie Laveau. The richest women in town all told her of all their secrets, tales and innermost thoughts. She brought a magical and sensual light to voodoo, along with her snake, named Zombi after an African god, who was also believed to have magnificent powers. She became a spiritual guide who dealt with curses and read minds. Every year since her death, on June 23 the queen is celebrated. And if you are lucky, maybe you will feel voodoo queen’s spirit at the fest this year, as her beliefs are the celebrated roots of this music and arts experience.


Voodoo culture is just one of the facets of New Orlean’s culture, along side jazz music, soul food delicacies and Mardi Gras. All of which you will be able to experience at the acclaimed festival. Grab your tickets and join the ritual.


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