It doesn’t take an expert to call it – the Camp Bisco lineup is stacked.

As the love-child of the Disco Biscuits, the festival world, Camp Bisco is one of the premier electronic music festivals in the nation. Impressive as ever, the 2017 lineup is chocked full of exceptional artists from all corners of the electronic world. Whether you’re looking forward to immersing yourself in all six Disco Biscuits’ sets, tuning in as the legends Bassnectar or Pretty Lights do what they do best, or getting down to the saxophone slayer GRiZ – these headliners are no joke.

Thankfully, this lineup doesn’t end there. The extravaganza that is Camp Bisco 2017 has a lineup so deep, surely everyone will walk away with an unexpected new favorite set or artist. Beyond the headliners, let’s take a look at some of our top artist picks that will surely be blowing up Montage Mountain.

G Jones

As both a frequent collaborator and friend of Bassnectar, G Jones should be on your must-see list. Acting as an aficionado of the darker corners of bass music, G Jones is known mostly as a grime or trap artist. While his music cannot possibly be put in such a box, he is well-versed in the pounding 808’s and eerie visuals that make for an exceptional deep-bass showcase.

The Floozies

If funk is your game, The Floozies might as well be your newest team mates. The duo shares common energy and artistry with their frequent collaborator GRiZ, but they are by no means sidekick material. The Floozies are an animated and uplifting group that are sure to keep you grooving all set long.

Paper Diamond

When it comes to creative trap overlays, there are few that are as imaginative as Paper Diamond. Originating as a young Colorado artist, Paper Diamond signed to Pretty Lights’ PLM label, going on to release two full-length albums along with two EP’s. Although a fantastic producer, what truly sets Paper Diamond apart is his innate ability to mix hip-hop & other popular genres with unpredictable beats for a truly one of a kind live experience.

Space Jesus

If you’re coming to Camp Bisco and don’t yet know who Space Jesus is… it may be time to get acquainted. While many may hail Bassnectar as the long-haired bass lord, Space Jesus & his luscious locks are a clear contender. The beat patterns are out of this world, the bass is deep and twisted, and the fans are together in motion – but don’t be too alarmed. We’re pretty sure he’s neither the second coming or an alien… but that’s for you to decide.


Although hip-hop may not be Camp Bisco’s speciality, the addition of Pouya to the lineup should certainly not be overlooked. As a young artist bringing in a new wave of lo-fi hip-hop production, Pouya comes with an energy that is second to none. Whether simply interested in the beats, looking to transcend into the lyrics of a young prophet, or just trying to get some pent-up emotion out, Pouya can preach to all who care to listen.


Within the field of heavy synths and deep basses that is the majority of Camp Bisco, it’s refreshing to see the likes of Kasbo. If feel good music is what you’re after, look no further. Kasbo is an emerging future bass artist that has astounding potential as both a producer and a DJ, managing to remix and combine stellar vocals with his own creative beat patterns.

With so many amazing artists, there’s no reason to miss out on Camp Bisco. Get your tickets now, and we’ll see you at the Mountain!

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