Lollapalooza you brought our dreams to the stage!

That’s a wrap! Another incredible Lollapalooza took place this past weekend in the beautiful Grant Park, Chicago. Fans danced until their feet hurt, trash can crowd-surfing became a thing & artists poured their heart out on every stage as always. Everyone, from the fans to the artists experienced a music festival like never before. Lolla 2019 you were one for the books!

As we take this time to settle down and reminisce this past weekend, let’s take a look at some of our favorite moments at Lolla.

If you didn’t take a pic in the Lolla frame. Did it really happen?
📸: Katrina Barber
📸: Keenan Hairston
The Chainsmokers really did light a fire on Thursday night!
📸: Madi Ellis
📸: Sydney Gawlik
Maggie Rogers brightening the Friday stage while making everyone move and groove.

We’ll see you next year for Lollapalooza 2020! ✌️